Ukulele Jump Start Goes #1 On Kindle!


If you’re looking for a fun way to practice and improve your ukulele chord knowledge, check out BeatNik’s Ukulele Jump Start – an interactive quizbook for Amazon Kindle.

So what’s an “interactive quizbook”, exactly? Well, this unique ebook acts more like an app than a book, allowing you to test your uke-chordsmanship with, or without, your instrument at hand. The book is cleverly designed to jump from page to page in a way that shows only certain information, for example, just the chord fingering, on one page, then reveals the “answer” on another page showing only the chord name. In addition, there is a “Jump” button on every page (hence the name of the book) that allows you to go to a random page to truly test your comprehension of the chords.

To see the book in action, check out this video:

BeatNik’s Ukulele Jump Start also includes a free, full version of his renowned chord training software, Speak Ukulele 2! This program currently retails for $35 on Revizzit, but it’s free with this companion quizbook!


This unusual app-pretending-to-be-a-book skyrocketed to #1 on Kindle in less than 24 hours after it’s release!

To purchase your copy and receive the free bonus software, visit:


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