BeatNik’s Ultimate Ukulele Songbook

Now Over 2600 Ukulele Songs!

A revolutionary way to view ukulele tabs, chords and songs.

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The Ultimate Ukulele Songook isn’t a book at all – it’s a fully digital, proprietary software app that displays the pages using streaming technology. It is Mac and PC compatible, and contains more than

2000 Ukulele Songs!!!

The days of having your sheet music swept away by the ocean breeze are over! No more wrinkled pages, or gigantic fake books (your sheet music shouldn’t weigh more than your instrument, right?)


If you would like to have your music included in the UUSB, just send me an email and let me know. You will always retain full rights to your music, and may withdraw it from the digital Table of Contents at any time (I told you it was revolutionary!)


Find out about our interactive ukulele chord course, Speak Ukulele!

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BeatNik’s “Speak Ukulele”

157 thoughts on “BeatNik’s Ultimate Ukulele Songbook

  1. Thank you for doing this! Something else to look forward to this Summer!

  2. Actually Fred, I prefer to let people know about it beforehand – that way I can give them exclusive first access and day-of-launch discounts (planned). But if you think this is spam, just unsubscribe. No worries!

  3. Will wait patiently

  4. I’m interested in knowing more about The Ultimate Ukulele Song Book. Let me know about its progress, will you?

    Also where will I get The Three-Chord Ukulele Workbook?

  5. Pumped!

  6. I’d love to learn more bout this.

  7. shoot me an email when it’s out, ty

  8. Can’t wait….please put me on the list!!

  9. i would suggest advertising AFTER it is actually available. i don’t know how many websites promise something and it never materializes.

    makes me put sites that advertise something that does not exist under my spam folder

  10. keep me on the list. uke-in-hand

  11. I am looking forward to it. Keep me on the list

  12. Cool!

  13. That would be great!

  14. Looking forward to seeing this!

  15. Bring it on

  16. So what;s included in this thing?

  17. Sounds good! Looking forward to it!

  18. So excited to have this!! Awesome idea. Thanks :o)

  19. I can hardly wait until you get this” jumping flea” mele site available to us.

  20. Ok, I’m in… can’t have too many songs at your disposal…

  21. Fantastic! I am looking forward for this. Great idea that
    everyone can share and add.

  22. Oh, sooooo excited! This is fab. I hope you put “Real Love” by the Beatles on it in another key besides A. I’m so glad someone is doing this.

  23. Looking forward to it.

  24. I am a new player and am in a Senior’s Ukelele band. We are always looking for new stuff and easier ways to get the fingers on the chords. This sounds like a good thing. Keep me posted please and thank you.

  25. am looking forward to the UTB!

  26. Hey Amber,

    The book will have a variety of song genres, chord sheets, tablatures and tunings (D, C, low G, etc.) The table of contents will be able to reorganize the book by title, author, genre, tuning, tab, chord and rating. This way you will have full control over how the songs are grouped for convenience (kinda like being able to take the pages out of a book and rearrange them any way you like).
    Plus, there is a way to add new songs to the book and save them to the contents!

    Thanks for asking,

  27. Hi. Very interested in what you are offering…Just wondering, though, are you offering the chords in D tuning or C tuning?

  28. If you have a ukulele in hand, I’ll buy a ticket! 🙂

  29. I was looking for something like this. All I can remember are chords in the key of D and G, some Aand C.

  30. Oh i definitely plan on contributing. I’m am trying to find a way to get a CD recorded but its so hard to find someone who can do a near professional job. Hopefully some day you’ll all see me on the big stage! 🙂

  31. Hi BeatNik,

    Nice to know that someone out there in the big bad wide world of the internet cares enought to reply! 🙂

    I look forward to seeing the end product, I’m most interested in learning to play melody and a wide range of styles so hope to see plenty out there!

    Best wishes.


  32. Hey Ethan,
    Hope you’re gonna contribute one of your tunes to the UUTB!

  33. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for the question – truth is, you guys are going to be seeing it as it develops, just like me. My technology team is building the app now and I will be posting progress reports to our upcoming “member’s only” pages soon. I am as excited to see this as you guys are!
    Here’s the good news – it has a deadline for completion on June 1st, so foregoing and trouble from the app tiki gods, we should all have this in our hands around mid-June. It’s gonna be oh-so-sweeeeeet!
    Price? Hmmm… still undecided, but not expensive… And definitely a day of release discount planned!

  34. I’m an absolute beginner – it would be nice if there was a taster of this product for us to see to get an idea of what we’re getting, what about a rough costing as well?

  35. This is gonna be great! I have been wanting somebody to make a site like this for so long. I write my own music too so everyone keep your eyes peel for it.

  36. Looking forward to it. I am a beginning/intermediate uke player and always looking for resources to improve my skills.

  37. Looking forward to see what you have come up with and what great songs there to learn!

  38. Looking forward to adding to my collectin

  39. Really looking forward to it! 🙂

  40. beginner

  41. Awesome! I’ve been playing for over a year now and I’m really looking forward to the tab book!

  42. Keep me posted! Sounds great!

  43. great idea … good luck …and I loved the quip re “spam”

  44. I look forward to seeing the UUTB!

  45. looking forward to the tab book