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Ukulele Jump Start Goes #1 On Kindle!

If you’re looking for a fun way to practice and improve your ukulele chord knowledge, check out BeatNik’s Ukulele Jump Start – an interactive quizbook for Amazon Kindle. So what’s an “interactive quizbook”, exactly? Well, this unique ebook acts more like an app than a book, allowing you to test your uke-chordsmanship with, or without, … Continue reading »

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Lucky Uke – Lucky Us!

I am digging these guys from Montreal! Their new album is filled with songs from my wild youth, now set to sweet island vibe. Perfect for rocking (in your hammock)! The first video is an introduction to the band: Now, groove with a REAL quiet riot: Note: This starts with the same gag, but in … Continue reading »

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WOW! Ultimate Ukulele Songbook is here!

It’s finally arrived – BeatNik’s Ultimate Ukulele Songbook! Over 2000 songs!! The world’s first product using EncycloPDF’s proprietary streaming document system, the Ultimate Ukulele Songbook collects LIVE documents from around the web and displays them in a digital book format! Streaming technology means no more downloading to view the songs. Just page after page of … Continue reading »

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Speak Ukulele 2 – Sneak Peek!

This Thursday, an ALL NEW edition of Speak Ukulele will arrive, with many new features and an easier installation process! For all current owners, this will be a FREE UPGRADE If you haven’t become a member of UkeCanPlay – don’t forget to sign up now – members get first access and special deals – plus … Continue reading »

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Ukulele World Record Attempt

A world record attempt at the “most ukuleles playing the same song in one location” was held in… wait for it… Lebanon! While they needed over 900 players, they did manage to get over 100 – nice try! I mean, 100 ukes in Lebanon is pretty impressive, right? Check out the video:

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Mighty Uke Exclusive Interview!

BeatNik Interviews Mighty Uke Filmmakers – Director Tony Coleman and Producer Margaret Meagher One of the most exciting projects to come along lately is the documentary MIGHTY UKE – a film chronicling the amazing resurgence in popularity worldwide for our beloved ukulele! The film has been showing internationally at film festivals and for ukulele clubs … Continue reading »

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Ukulele Quiz – Can You Play By Ear?

Take the Speak Ukulele Challenge! Click Here To Play Now!!! This fun, FREE new game tests your ability to recognize chords by ear. If you want to eventually be able to play ukulele by ear, you first need to be able to hear and identify them. Each game is completely different, with 20 random questions … Continue reading »

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Victoria Vox New CD Released

Victoria Vox – Exact Change Victoria Vox has just released her third CD, Exact Change. From her bio: Previously musing with a guitar, Vox began appearing in clubs as a ukulele musician 4 years after receiving a degree in songwriting from the prestigious Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), and the welcome was a warm … Continue reading »

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Jim D’Ville Play Ukulele By Ear – Tour Dates!

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WORKSHOP TOUR If you don’t know Jim D’Ville by now, allow me to do you the HUGE favor of introducing him to you. Jim is the creator of the “Play Ukulele By Ear” DVD course, and the website that bears its name. He is also one of the nicest guys around and a … Continue reading »

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NPR Meets The Mighty Uke

A new story on National Public Radio today discusses the resurgence in popularity of our beloved ukulele. Check out these links: NPR Video: Jake Shimabukuro tearing the roof off the Blender Theatre NYC NPR Audio Stream: Musical Interview, The Mighty Uke Documentary NPR Video: The Student Ukulele Ensemble

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