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Ukulele Train Keeps-a-Rollin

More ukulele from Train on new album!

According to Billboard, at least one song on the new album will be blessed by ukulele:

(Pat) Monahan adds, after the success of “Hey, Soul Sister,” the new batch of material already includes a ukulele part in the track “The Least I Can Do,” though he acknowledges a bit of a split in the Train camp over whether the group should return to that particular musical well.
“The truth is that everybody has basically warned us, ‘Please don’t put the ukulele on the record,’ but I struggle with that,” Monahan says. “That song is super island-y and I love it, and (ukulele) just feels right for it. So I don’t know what the rules are going to be with the ukulele, but you put on whatever feels right.”

Couldn’t agree more, Pat!

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The Next Big Little Ukulele Kid

Another kid crushes it with his uke!

From the uber-viral uke-video department comes another kid destined to go triple YouTube platinum with his rendition of Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister”! Today, a mere 47,000 views… watch this 8 year old rack up the views in the next week or so.

You kids keep proving how cool the uke really is – listen to the crowd!