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Ukulele Fingers: Prohands Gripmaster Product Review

As the Beatles once said, “Do you wanna know a secret?” This is one of those cool, ninja-skill secrets that is known by a select group of musicians, especially those who play instruments that require finger strength and dexterity – like guitar, piano, trumpet, saxophone… and most importantly, ukulele! If you want to speed up … Continue reading »

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BeatNik Reviews: GuitarToolkit

I first heard about GuitarToolkit while in the recording studio, laying down the chords for my soon-to-be-released product, Speak Guitar. My very talented friend and guitar coach, Tim Kleiman, was the “talent” and I was producing, recreating what I had done for the smash best-selling product Speak Ukulele. You see, I’m only a student of … Continue reading »

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Speaking about Ukulele

You probably know by now that my Speak Ukulele course has been improved and expanded – but remains at the same, low price – less than the cost of a single ukulele lesson (in fact, about HALF the cost of a single pro lesson!) Now, you can see what actual users have to say about … Continue reading »

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Aquila Sunrise

I kept hearing what a difference good strings make, but to be perfectly honest, I doubted I would hear a difference.
I was perfectly happy with my two-year old strings that came with my ukulele. They stayed nicely in tune, and didn’t break when my 11 month-old yanked on them during a recent lullaby… Continue reading »

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