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Our Free Kamaka Ukulele Contest Winner Is…

Congratulations to Sylvain Bethelot of Montreuil, France! Grand Prize Winner - Sylvain

Sylvain used a very clever approach to generate over 3400 points in the contest. In addition to creating a very nice relationship between his blog, and our own, he also went out of his way to translate and subtitle the Speak Ukulele tutorial and put it on youTube. I am very happy to send him this beautiful instrument, and hope he continues to be a friend to all uke players around the world!

The Grand Prize

Here is Sylvain’s reaction to the announcement:

“I’m really happy ! I didn’t think I had a chance but eh, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I started by adding some links to my blog ( then I discovered that :

1. UkeCanPlay is a very good site, so I didn’t hesitate to multiply links to it.

2. Speak Ukulele Course and Ultimate Ukulele Tab Book will be great for beginners (my targeted visitors).

3. My visitors really appreciate the site!

In fact, I did what I did for others – resources, sites, programs, etc… I try to help ukulele players – but for the first time, I had a chance to win a ukulele by doing so!

In addition, I have many ukuleles (I’m an addict!) But I don’t have any pineapple shape nor koa solid wood nor Kamaka! So I’m really happy with the choice of Beatnik! Thank you for everything you’re doing for ukulele players!”

The two runners up in the contest also deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS!

2nd place winner: Celine (twitter: Ukulele4ever)
3rd place winner: Elise (twitter: elisechi)

Both Celine and Elise will receive a Pro version of The Ultimate Ukulele Tab Book when it becomes available this summer.

Plus, I’ve decided to award each of the three winners a free download of the Speak Ukulele Course, as my personal gift for such a great campaign! Thank you all!

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Free Ukulele Factory Tour – Kamaka Hawaii

Today’s Los Angeles Times had this wonderful audio slideshow tour of the Kamaka Hawaii ukulele factory.

You can almost smell the Koa wood and hear the sound of the ocean – and what gorgeous instruments! If you are visiting the island, be sure to stop by for the free tour.

Kamaka Hawaii
550 South St., Honolulu, Hawaii

Kamaka Ukulele Factory
Click the image to watch the audio slideshow!