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Speak Ukulele 2

Speak Ukulele 2 is now available in streaming format – never lose your copy again!

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“Speak Ukulele”, a breakthrough interactive education system to learn over 165 ukulele chords and play them from memory, plus a special feature to learn to PLAY SONGS BY EAR!

Speak Ukulele 2 Main Interface

Speak Ukulele 2 Main Interface

Plus, new features in this edition include:

  • Create Playlists and Quizzes
  • Hands-Free Auto Play With Timer, Randomization and Play By Ear
  • Audio Control

Based on the simple premise that music is a language.

Notes are like the letters of the alphabet. Those notes form “words” – what we call chords. And the chords are strung together to create our story – the song.

We have taken the same tried and proven methods used by top language courses and applied them to this total immersion chord course.

Imagine being able to hear a song and then PLAY it yourself – just like reciting a poem. Or play any song sheet you are given INSTANTLY and EFFORTLESSLY – just like a pro!

Find out more by clicking on the image above – see the free presentation and start improving your skills now!

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137 Responses to Speak Ukulele 2

  1. DavidgoNo Gravatar

    When do we start?!?!? cant wait!!

  2. Ron AjemianNo Gravatar

    Really intuitive program. Can’t wait to use it.

    Best Wishes,

    Ron Ajemian

  3. EstherNo Gravatar

    I guess this isn’t working yet?????????????? I clicked on the different charts and tuner and nothing is working. Will be nice to use if it works.

  4. Sue WilliamsNo Gravatar

    Is there a fee?

  5. JackNo Gravatar

    Nice, but will theri be any songs, tabs et.c beside the chord charts. Tks I am looking for lead songs and tabs also.

  6. ReapeferNo Gravatar

    Amazing ! I really need this to train my ear.
    I made a “french” version of your tutorial here :

  7. jodi PapeNo Gravatar

    send me notice please.

  8. Charles VaughnNo Gravatar

    Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. geraldine doenickeNo Gravatar

    I am really looking forward to trying this as I need all the help I can get. Thank you !!!

  10. Dean RohsNo Gravatar

    This looks like a great piece of software for the Uke player. I can’t wait for it’s release. I have a couple questions.

    I play the Baritone Uke. Will the Speak Ukulele Course include the ability to change the tuning according to different size Ukes and display the corresponding chord charts?

    Also, what will the final price be for this software?

    Thank you,

    • BeatNikNo Gravatar

      Hi Dean,
      I started out with the largest uke population for version 1, that being standard GCEA tuning. I am planning on expanding the software to include other features, and upgrades will be free.
      The price is still being considered – I have a number of professionals evaluating the beta version. I can say that it will be much less than the cost of a single private lesson, and provide users with hundreds of hours of lessons! :-D

  11. LesleyNo Gravatar

    Lookin’ good!

  12. rangikapuaNo Gravatar

    The Ukulele has a language of it’s very own, and yet speaks all languages. Aloha from down under {Australia}

  13. rangikapuaNo Gravatar

    I tried to click on the video sneak preveiw, but got nothing?????

  14. Morgan GleaveNo Gravatar

    Brilliant idea! I work way better visually… this should help my playing no end!

  15. R MacKayNo Gravatar

    Sign me up

  16. PollyNo Gravatar

    Sounds great!

  17. Ron AjemianNo Gravatar

    I love this idea of an “Interactive Fretboard”!
    Best wishes.

    Ron Ajemian

  18. Prancing Pony MusicNo Gravatar

    we’re having a ukulele festival in Brown County Indiana (Nashville IN.) June 6th,2010 following the World Ukulele Congress gathering, stop by and play a song or three

  19. AMANDA ALMONTENo Gravatar


  20. William H. Rodman, Jr.No Gravatar

    I’m ready – sign me up!!

  21. BrianNo Gravatar

    Chords are fun, but I hope at some point this program teaches how to play a melody line. All a chord does is set up a song, it takes melody to make it. People focus a little too much on chords with stringed instruments, and forget that the classics (violins, cellos, etc.) don’t even have chord capabilities. I think what people need is a theory class and some patience.

    • BeatNikNo Gravatar

      I love to play the melody of a song as well. But in fact, melodies are quite often covered by the vocalist and the chords form the foundation of the song. This app does offer an interactive fretboard audio map to help users understand the placement of the individual notes and basis of the chords. At its heart, though, Speak Ukulele is a tool to help improve the quality of your practice, the speed of chord retention and train your ear to the nuances of tones.

  22. LorellaNo Gravatar

    Looking forward to it!

  23. DominicNo Gravatar

    Sounds like a great way to learn. Sign me up!

  24. ChuckNo Gravatar

    Please be careful about stressing that the ukulele is easy. Simple and easy are two different things.
    I have been playing for about 2 and a half years and have recently run up against a problem that I believe is holding me back. I never learned, because it isn’t generally available, proper technique for playing a stringed instrument. It has kept me from becoming proficient with chord changes.
    When you tell new players to make the chords anyway they can it will ultimately get in the way if they want to go much beyond first position chords.

    • BeatNikNo Gravatar

      Hi Chuck,
      Can’t recall saying the ukulele is easy – like any instrument it requires patience and practice.
      But there are two parts to learning music – the physical skill that comes only from practice, and the “mental skill” that comes from memorization and understanding.
      This course fast-tracks the mental skills needed so that players are free to practice without the hindrance of stopping to research chord information in the midst of their lessons, and helps their understanding of the music by hearing the chords isolated in a learning environment.

  25. Laura Thorn KurisuNo Gravatar

    I’m ready to learn……:-)

  26. Laurice MackeyNo Gravatar

    Looks interesting…

  27. Jeff / HumbleUkerNo Gravatar

    Veeery Inteeeresting! Sign me up.

  28. Obed DonlinNo Gravatar

    Can’t wait to do this!!

  29. Daniel GilmoreNo Gravatar

    This is great how can I get it

  30. DavidNo Gravatar

    Just what I need. I’m in!!

  31. ukulele4everNo Gravatar

    The project “Speak ukulele course” is really a good idea!

    It will delight fans of ukulele.

    Thanks BeatNik.

  32. Nicola OgierNo Gravatar

    I’d love to participate.

  33. Susan MulliganNo Gravatar

    Really looking forward to seeing the demo. My fingers are itchin…..

  34. Go Cat DaveNo Gravatar

    Can’t Wait!!!

  35. DeniseNo Gravatar

    Awesome!!! I want to try this!!!

  36. Phillip KnappNo Gravatar

    I cannot wait. I have a ukulele that has been sitting around for a year, and I am ready to use it to it’s fullest capacity.

  37. SteveNo Gravatar

    Looks good.

  38. iSarahhhhNo Gravatar

    this is going to be amazinggg.

  39. JeffNo Gravatar

    I want to play with it NOW!!!

  40. Yvonne LoweryNo Gravatar

    I can’t wait!!!

  41. Rob in MaineNo Gravatar

    So, is it online, a desktop app or for the iPhone/Pad/touch?

  42. MarkNo Gravatar

    looks good so far

  43. Dave PNo Gravatar

    Just what I need!

  44. geraldine doenickeNo Gravatar

    exciting !!!! Can’t wait.

  45. rangikapuaNo Gravatar

    omg !!!!! I just love this.Mahalo nui lo

  46. EstherNo Gravatar

    Looking forward to it

  47. ReapeferNo Gravatar

    Sounds promising :)

  48. LMHNo Gravatar

    I can’t wait! It looks like an amazing tool!

  49. Tim SzerlongNo Gravatar

    WOW, looks awesome. can not wait to see it. What is it written in?