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About Us is dedicated to helping people interested in the ukulele discover the real beauty of this little instrument, unlock its secrets, and then share their enthusiasm with the world!

Owned and operated by BeatNik, a self-described Ukulele Hedonist who learned how to play the very same way you are right now – by finding some cool, helpful sites online and watching some great tutorial videos.

I hope this site helps you on your path to ukulele mastery, and that as you play the winds of the islands sweep over you and free you from the stresses of life.

Mahalo, a hui hou malama pono,

29 Responses to About Us

  1. KATIE


  2. Dennis

    Beatnik, your software looks great. Please suggest how to use it (i.e. a programme to follow) to improve ukulele skills. I’m looking for a systematic way to use the programme.

  3. Me

    Mac compatible? App for ipod?

    Sounds like fun

  4. Mimi

    Hi,Downloaded the Speak Ukulele course yesterday. Its just great – now I know what the cords are supposed to sound like!

  5. Kelli Rice

    WOW!! I just downloaded the Speak Ukulele course. It’s an amazing software package. I’m so excited to use it and really master the uke! BeatNik you are AWESOME!! Thanks and job well done!

  6. Alex

    I am Alex from Dresden, Germany, and I am sending this info to various addresses worldwide to announce my “Scandinavian Ukulele Safari” End of June to August, hoping to meet uke players and people that share our little big patience for the ukulele.

    To make the tour known to folks that live in, or travel those countries this summertime I would appreciate very much any forwarding to friends, posting in blogs, or a link to my start page >>> – from where detailed infos are available in English (and in German). On the road the pages will be brought up to date as far as possible.

    If you think this message was boring, just ignore it, and please excuse me. I won’t send more infos, exept you ask for.

    Thanks & kind regards
    Alex – alias “Der mit der Ukulele”

    PS. You may copy the small “safari” logo for a link if you want so.

  7. Addison Graves

    BeatNik,How did you come up with that name?? I was one back in the late 50’s early 60’s. I lived in the Village on the West side….Played Congas in the Cafe Wha on MacDougal…………………..Kouko

  8. Dennis

    Speak Ukulele looks great! Just wondering, does it include the facility to learn chord progressions. That is, if a tune is in the key of C, will we learn that the progression is C, F, G?

    • BeatNik

      This version of Speak Ukulele is focused on the ability to recognize and retain chord positions. There will be product upgrades in the future, and this may be a great addition. Thanks!

  9. Scott

    Bravo. Nice looking site. We need to get more uke clubs/meetings going in Southern California.

  10. Kathryn

    I love Uke and am interested but nervous about my email getting sold or published.

    • BeatNik

      Hey Kathryn,
      I understand your concerns. I only use a premium service for my email list – you can see the privacy statement under the sign-up form. The company I use is Aweber, you can check them out here: Aweber

  11. Brother Klive


    Interesting site. Thought you might be interested in our band
    The Everly Pregnant Brothers

    Keep The Uke!
    Best wishes

    Brother Klive

  12. bILL

    When does your next class start.

  13. Doug ( Kouko) Lorimer

    BeatNik,How did you come up with that name?? I was one back in the late 50’s early 60’s. I lived in the Village on the West side….Played Congas in the Cafe Wha on MacDougal…………………..Kouko

  14. isaac

    You guys are awesome

  15. Elaine de Man

    Hey there,

    I love your site and I’m going to try to win that Kamaka! In the meantime I’m just trying to figure out if there’s a way to plug the Wine Country Ukulele Festival on your site?


  16. Kona don

    Ready when you are!!!

  17. Mike

    Excellent site looking forward to the launch :)

  18. denise

    interested in hearing more about this!