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New Ukulele Star – Nick Peay

Posted by on September 8, 2011

I’ve just been introduced to an exciting new ukulele artist, Nick Peay… Of course, when I say new, I mean he’s been a songwriter for about fifteen years – but he’s “new” to me!

Meet Nick Peay!

Nick has recorded a new album of original, inspired ukulele songs, titled Life & Love & Us. I have to say, Nick’s music struck a chord with me upon first hearing it. His style is warm and relaxed, and the songs are optimistic and celebratory.

“The ukulele is just a happy little instrument,” says Peay. “You can’t help but be happy when you hear it or see someone playing it.”

This is true and may have had some influence in the positive direction of Peay’s songs. From the musically playful opening track, “Wild Dreams,” about impromptu vacations to the poignant and hauntingly beautiful, “The Great Green Room” in which Peay expresses his thankfulness for the beauty in the world and was inspired by the childrens book “Goodnight Moon,” Peay’s subject matter is universal enough for all, yet spoken so uniquely and elegantly.

An additional song on Life & Love & Us is titled “A Day In The Life (Of My Dog)” about how every day for his dog, “whatever the weather, it’s gonna be the best day ever!”

“I try to write music that people can sing along to,” says Peay, “and that makes them feel good. Music is supposed to make you feel good.” Armed with a ukulele and a positive message, Peay and his new EP, Life & Love & Us, delivers feel-good music you can sign along to.

Check out this title track to get an idea of what’s in store: Life & Love & Us by Nick Peay

You can preview the entire EP here and you can download a few mp3’s here.